Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ready, set, go!

Okay since no one else has made any suggestions, we are going to go with Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. You have approximately one month to read the book. You have until Monday March 3rd to finish the book. Just FYI - in my paperback copy there's 579 pages - divided by 27 days - you should be reading roughly 21 pages every day to get done by March 3rd - that leaves it up to you to pace yourself. I think having a month to read one book (as suggested) should work well ... but if not, then we can tweak things for our next book. If anyone has thoughts as you are reading the book, feel free to post them so we can all comment on them. Happy reading!!

p.s. I know more of you have read the Twilight books ... I want your ideas :) Go post a comment.


bookclubfriends said...

I have been intrigued as I have been reading and wanted to know more about anti-matter. I have heard of the theory before and wanted to see how much Dan Brown is embellishing the truth.So I looked it up and learned a lot about it. I just thought you all would like to know a few of the real facts I found out.
Antimatter is said to be the most expensive substance in existence, with an estimated cost of $300 billion per milligram. This is because production is difficult (only a few atoms are produced in reactions in particle accelerators) and, because there is higher demand for the other uses of particle accelerators. According to CERN (that name should sound familiar), it has cost a few hundred million Swiss Francs to produce about 1 billionth of a gram.
The biggest limiting factor in the production of antimatter is the availability of antiprotons. Recent data released by CERN states that when fully operational their facilities are capable of producing 107 antiprotons per second. Assuming an optimal conversion of antiprotons to antihydrogen, it would take two billion years to produce 1 gram of antihydrogen.

Sarah said...

I swear this has got to be one of best researched books out there. The attention to detail is amazing!! Thanks for the info on antimatter, Michelle. It really is fascinating to read about. I always thought that if I didn't get my degree in statistics I would have gotten in physics. I find the whole area very, very interesting - which is in part why I like this book so much. And all of the information about Rome and the Vatican - makes me want to go over there and see for myself all the amazing sights! (though I sincerely doubt I would get to go all the places that the author has been - like to the secret vaults under the Vatican!) The art history that this book contains is also fascinating. I'm telling you - this is one very well researched book! (and yes, I am already done with it - long story - so now I have to find something else to read while I am waiting for the March 3rd deadline.) Happy reading everyone!