Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello from Carly

Hey all. Hope you don't mind if I join your group. Heather (Mable) invited me. My name is Carly and I'm a former roommate and forever friend of Heather. I live in Southern California with my husband Melvin and our three kids, Audrey (almost 4), Dallin (2), and Sterling (4 months). I love books and because I consistently neglect housework, I still manage to read at least one a week. (Unless it's one in the Twilight series. I read each of those 3 times in one week. I'll admit it - I'm obsessed.) Anyway, I'm excited to be a part of your group. Oh, Megan, I grew up in Juneau! My parents still live there. A word to the wise. Unless you want to look like a tourist, do not use an umbrella. Invest in a good raincoat with a hood instead!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reading Schedule

I was talking to a friend today who is a member of a book club. I asked her about a time line for reading and they do a book a month. I think this would work well, especially since we are pretty much at the beginning of February (in essence) and then it would keep things moving along well without having to set a rigid schedule of chapters. I am not sure if this is what everyone wants to do or not, it is just a suggestion. We can do what works best for all of us though.
--Michelle Jamison

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greetings from Carrie

Just thought I'd write a quick hello. This is Carrie Taylor (formerly Bell) and I am VERY excited about having an excuse to read good books! My husband Clint and I just bought a house is NSL (by Colonial Square) and although we still have a load of stuff to unbox, I love it! I currently work mornings at Daynes Music managing the concerts, guest artists, rentals, scheduling, etc... and in the afternoons I teach flute lessons. It is so fun to finally have my own studio in my very own house! It's also great to have a bit more free time in the afternoons now that I'm not working full time, so it will be a great time for me to read. I know most everyone from good ol' Viewmont, but am excited to meet a few new people as well. :)

Getting this party started!

First: the book we are going to start reading as a book club is Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I am hoping that not too many of you have read this one. If you have read it, let me know and we can possibly change our selection. We can also be reading more than one book at a time so if someone else has a suggestion, let your voice be heard. Does anyone want to read more than one book at a time? Or do you guys think that one book is plenty? If enough people want to read more than one, then we can do that. Or if some have already read Angels & Demons then we can have 2 books going at the same time. Suggestions, anyone? (If you have a suggestion, leave it in the “comments” area below this post.)

Is there someone who has read Angels & Demons that wants to lead the discussion? (I can, if no one volunteers – but I would be happy hearing from someone other than myself!)

A reminder – here’s how it works: Whoever is leading the discussion on the book will post a summary (or whatever they want) and then we will all make comments on that summary – there’s a place at the bottom of posts that says comments – click on that and leave your comment (and make sure you leave your name for those who don’t have a gmail account). This way it can stay organized and we can be reading more than one book at a time. So – to summarize: if you are the one that is leading the discussion on a particular book, then what you would do is list some discussion points and your thoughts on those points, then everyone can go in and make comments on that particular book.

If you have questions or something, email me. Other than that - let’s get started!!! (and see post on Twilight, below. I couldn’t help myself)


Aaah, the Twilight series. I have been trying to think of something meaningful and insightful to post about these amazing books. And all I have come up with is … they are amazing. You all know that I have a degree in math & stats, so eloquent writing is not my forte. Be that as it may, I LOVE these books. Currently there are 3 books in the series (she’s writing the 4th one, due sometime this year! I heard August 2008, but that may change – keep your fingers crossed!) They are named: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse – written by Stephenie Meyer (yes, she’s Mormon and yes, she graduated from BYU.) If you have not read them, then you are missing out BIG TIME. They are not going to be “required” reading for our book club, mostly because there are 3 of them and most everybody has read them already. This post is mainly for me – I want to hear what everyone else thought about the books. I love to pick apart a book I loved and discuss it with other people – and I loved these 3 books as much as I love Harry Potter – a rather bold statement. :) So while we getting started on our first book, I want your thoughts on the Twilight series. ***Warning – if you have not read them then stop reading RIGHT NOW – there are lots of spoilers*** I loved Stephenie’s writing style. I found the books to be heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time. I liked how we were “inside” Bella’s head and we could hear her thoughts – and I loved that Edward couldn’t hear her thoughts and the way that it drove him crazy. I thought some of the parts were so funny that I was laughing out loud (Bella on a motorcycle and subsequent injuries). I know that when I got near the end of Eclipse, I was fuming mad at Jacob for tricking Bella into kissing him, then by the very end, I felt bad for him (though not too bad – I am of the opinion that Bella belongs to Edward). Do you agree with Bella choosing Edward over Jacob? Who thinks Jacob is going to imprint in the next book? Who wants to see Bella become a vampire? (I DO!!) Assuming she does become a vampire, who is curious about what her “powers” are going to be? Any ideas? And what do you think the title of the 4th books means? (Breaking Dawn is the title) Any significance on whether or not she’ll become a vampire? Last but not least – who just adores the Cullen family? I love all of them! And yes, I think we are all in agreement – Edward is the PERFECT guy. I loved the conversation between him & Jacob when they are in the tent, before the big battle (in Eclipse). He’s simply perfect – sigh! I also liked how we get to hear everybody’s stories about becoming vampires – and I liked the insight into Rosalie’s life prior to becoming a vampire. It helps to explain her motivations for keeping Bella human. And does anyone else roll their eyes when they hear someone talking about the books and they say “Oh I don’t want to read a book that’s about vampires – too creepy” or “it’s a book for just for teenagers.” COME ON PEOPLE!! These are awesome books that deserve all the recognition they are getting!!!! Okay, soapbox done – thoughts from you guys?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's get this party started!!

Well, since Sarah gave us until today to introduce ourselves, I thought I had better do it. First I would like to clarify that Sarah and I knew each other before we "knew" that we knew each other. We lived in the same house, technically speaking....our families shared a twin home and since we were born a week apart we were blessed in church on the same day, so that is our connection dating back to babyhood.
My name is Michelle Jamison. I currently live in Pleasant Grove, UT. I graduated from BYU-I in 2005 with my Bachelors in Health Science. I have been married to Dave (the best hubby ever) for almost 3 years. I have one little girl, Hailey who is 18 months and we have a little boy on the way in April. I love to read, but find that sometimes I get a bit obsessive about what I am reading and cannot put the book down. For instance,I finished the Twilight sereis in about 3 weeks in December. I would put on Sesame Street for my little girl just so I could read more! I find my best reading time is at night and I love to curl up with a good book and fall asleep. I am a stay at home mom, but I work part time from home and love the freedom of my job to do it when I want. In fact Hailey is sleeping and I need to get to work. I am really looking forward to starting this with all of you!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

greetings to all

Ok, I guess it is my turn to introduce myself to the lot. My name is Katie Terry and I am also a lover of books. I earned my BA in creative writing and I specialize in poetry. I have no idea if the day will come when we can read some poetry as a group, but I would be Extremely excited for such reading materials.

I love reading anything from fiction to biographies. But, if I were to choose one favorite that I could come back to at any time for reading comfort, I would jump head first into the writings of Ray Bradbury. He is known for Farenheit 451, which is very good. But, I encourage you all to pick up Dandelion Wine or Something Wicked This Way Comes and observe poetry and fiction combine. mmmmm, it is truly lovely.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and I can't wait to get this thing going! :)


Hello from Mable

So my real name is Heather and about the only person who still calls me by my nickname is Sarah. I am glad to have earned the favorite cousin place in her book.

I currently live in Utah - nowhere exciting like the rest of you. I handle all the marketing and anything else that comes up for a small credit union in Salt Lake. I like my job but I graduated from BYU (Go Cougs!) a long time ago so I am looking forward to reading some good books and expanding my mind. I usually read novels for escape reading but I am looking for some more challenging books. I want to read more of the classics. So I look forward to all of your suggestions!

Can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introductions from my end

Here I am, back with another post. I am going to post how I know all of you, so you can all make some sort of connection to each other. Kudos to those of you who have already introduced yourselves – thanks! For the rest of you, snap to it. :) Very soon I am going to post our first book thread (I'm trying to come up with something insightful to say :)

*Lonnie Berrett was my roommate at USU and we had great times together (aah, CSI)
*Heather/Mable Reeves is my favorite cousin (don't tell the rest of my cousins :)
*Michelle Jamison is a friend from the high school days
*John Cowan has been a friend for ages – going back to the junior high school days
*Alice Duchene lives in my ward out here in Fayette, NY
*Suzy Sullivan is also a friend that goes back to junior high school
*Tiffany Snow is my sister-in-law – Cory’s sister
*Katie Chipman is another friend that goes back to junior high school (7th grade algebra class … aah, the memories)
*Megan Jones was in my married student ward at USU - we became instant friends
*Katie Terry is another friend who goes back to high school

*Miriam Reeves is married to my other favorite cousin (yes, you can tell Daniel that he's been bumped by Mable)
*Jean Marie Place is a friend from high school
and also my roommate in China (she kept me sane from those crazy Chinese kids!)
*Jaime Danner is a friend who lives out here in New York - our husbands are in school together so we have girls nights together!

*Eli Jones is another friend from the high school days

So now you know who's on here ... and feel free to invite other people to join the blog. If you know of someone who is interested, just let me know so I can issue them an invite.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Intro from Alaska!

Yes, they have internet in Alaska! :) I am very excited about this little blog-although I am not the most dedicated reader-I do enjoy it!! A little about me: I just moved to Juneau, Alaska from Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband of 4 1/2 years (longest move ever possible-but definitely worth it)! I am originally from Utah and graduated in Family Finance from USU-go Aggies! I have two adorable boston terriers, who are almost as much work as kids. I enjoy everything and anything outdoors. Currently, I am working for a mortgage company and love it! Can't wait to meet the rest of you!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hello all. My name is Suzy Sullivan and I'm living in Western Massachusetts with my wonderful husband. We both love to read, so I'm sure he'll probably take any good suggestions you all have as well. I graduated from BYU in business marketing about 4 years ago and am now working temporarily helping an accountant with taxes for the season (the job marketing is not good in this part of the country). I love to read in my spare time and just starting reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I thought I had seen all the movie versions and that it was practically the same as reading it...I should have known that was wrong. I'm loving it and can't want to see how it all unfolds in writing.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Librarian

Hey you guys!
My name is Lonnie and I just graduated with my Master's in Library Science. (Can you tell I love books?! :-) I'm currently job hunting full time. However, in between filling out job applications, I am trying to get through a stack of books and I'm so excited to have this blog. I can't wait to chat with all of you.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1st assignment

Okay everyone, here's your first assignment. Since not all of you know each other, your job is to post something introducing yourself. It doesn't have to be long - just a shout out to everyone to say hi. I know who all of you are, so if you don't introduce yourselves, then I will do it for you in a very creative manner :)

I Love Books

I think this is a great idea Sarah, I can't wait to get started. I'm already trying to think of some good book ideas. When I have my list I will be sure to publish it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Books do rock my socks!

I'm so excited to be doing this!! I love reading and I am forever searching for good book ideas. I have a feeling this is going to be awesome! So to everyone who is joining this electronic book club - WELCOME! I'm sure we're going to have some great discussions and share our love of books!