Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's get this party started!!

Well, since Sarah gave us until today to introduce ourselves, I thought I had better do it. First I would like to clarify that Sarah and I knew each other before we "knew" that we knew each other. We lived in the same house, technically speaking....our families shared a twin home and since we were born a week apart we were blessed in church on the same day, so that is our connection dating back to babyhood.
My name is Michelle Jamison. I currently live in Pleasant Grove, UT. I graduated from BYU-I in 2005 with my Bachelors in Health Science. I have been married to Dave (the best hubby ever) for almost 3 years. I have one little girl, Hailey who is 18 months and we have a little boy on the way in April. I love to read, but find that sometimes I get a bit obsessive about what I am reading and cannot put the book down. For instance,I finished the Twilight sereis in about 3 weeks in December. I would put on Sesame Street for my little girl just so I could read more! I find my best reading time is at night and I love to curl up with a good book and fall asleep. I am a stay at home mom, but I work part time from home and love the freedom of my job to do it when I want. In fact Hailey is sleeping and I need to get to work. I am really looking forward to starting this with all of you!

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Sarah said...

True, true - we go go WAY back, don't we? Sharing the same twin home ... being blessed on the same day ... so I guess that makes you my oldest friend, huh? :)