Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting this party started!

First: the book we are going to start reading as a book club is Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I am hoping that not too many of you have read this one. If you have read it, let me know and we can possibly change our selection. We can also be reading more than one book at a time so if someone else has a suggestion, let your voice be heard. Does anyone want to read more than one book at a time? Or do you guys think that one book is plenty? If enough people want to read more than one, then we can do that. Or if some have already read Angels & Demons then we can have 2 books going at the same time. Suggestions, anyone? (If you have a suggestion, leave it in the “comments” area below this post.)

Is there someone who has read Angels & Demons that wants to lead the discussion? (I can, if no one volunteers – but I would be happy hearing from someone other than myself!)

A reminder – here’s how it works: Whoever is leading the discussion on the book will post a summary (or whatever they want) and then we will all make comments on that summary – there’s a place at the bottom of posts that says comments – click on that and leave your comment (and make sure you leave your name for those who don’t have a gmail account). This way it can stay organized and we can be reading more than one book at a time. So – to summarize: if you are the one that is leading the discussion on a particular book, then what you would do is list some discussion points and your thoughts on those points, then everyone can go in and make comments on that particular book.

If you have questions or something, email me. Other than that - let’s get started!!! (and see post on Twilight, below. I couldn’t help myself)


bookclubfriends said...

I have already read Angels and Deamons, but loved it so I really don't mind reading it again. I am sure there is no way we are going to get one book that NO one has read unless we pick one that just came out. So I think we should just go with it.
Personally my vote about the multiple book thing is that I like the idea of only having one book at a time.I think it may get confusing to have 2 books going at once and if someone hasn't read either of them then they would have to pick one.
My question is are we going to have a time line for reading? Like the first "x" amount of chapters by dates or are we going to just have a deadline for the entire book? I know that it is such an intense book I am afraid that most of people will not stick to chapters becuase Dan Brown is really good at leaving a suspenseful moment right at the end...I am game for anything.
--Michelle Jamison

bookclubfriends said...

I've read this too, but am fine with reading it again. I like your idea Michelle of having a time line of how much we need to read, although with books like this it will be hard to stick to - very intense. I have to say I liked it much better than his other two books I've read (The Divinci Code and Digital Fortress). --Carrie Taylor

bookclubfriends said...

I too have already read Angels and Deamons, but would love to re-read it...it's been a while. I also think that we should only do one book at a time. As far as a schedule, may we should just have a deadline for when we should have the book completed and than a summary can be posted?