Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introductions from my end

Here I am, back with another post. I am going to post how I know all of you, so you can all make some sort of connection to each other. Kudos to those of you who have already introduced yourselves – thanks! For the rest of you, snap to it. :) Very soon I am going to post our first book thread (I'm trying to come up with something insightful to say :)

*Lonnie Berrett was my roommate at USU and we had great times together (aah, CSI)
*Heather/Mable Reeves is my favorite cousin (don't tell the rest of my cousins :)
*Michelle Jamison is a friend from the high school days
*John Cowan has been a friend for ages – going back to the junior high school days
*Alice Duchene lives in my ward out here in Fayette, NY
*Suzy Sullivan is also a friend that goes back to junior high school
*Tiffany Snow is my sister-in-law – Cory’s sister
*Katie Chipman is another friend that goes back to junior high school (7th grade algebra class … aah, the memories)
*Megan Jones was in my married student ward at USU - we became instant friends
*Katie Terry is another friend who goes back to high school

*Miriam Reeves is married to my other favorite cousin (yes, you can tell Daniel that he's been bumped by Mable)
*Jean Marie Place is a friend from high school
and also my roommate in China (she kept me sane from those crazy Chinese kids!)
*Jaime Danner is a friend who lives out here in New York - our husbands are in school together so we have girls nights together!

*Eli Jones is another friend from the high school days

So now you know who's on here ... and feel free to invite other people to join the blog. If you know of someone who is interested, just let me know so I can issue them an invite.

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