Monday, April 28, 2008

May's books

Greetings all! Awesome posts for Beloved (Carly and Michelle) – thank you!! It looks like not that many people read Beloved - I don't know if it was too hard of a book or just poor timing since everyone was really busy - so - for the month of May we are going to read something easier and more light-hearted. I've picked 2 books - you can read one, none, or both – it’s totally up to you.

Book one – Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. She is an author that I really like and I think a lot of you will enjoy her books. You can read about the book here:

And try not to be turned off by the description – I got one of her other books from the library (Goose Girl) on a recommendation – but when I read the book’s teaser I decided I didn’t want to read the book – it sounded too fanciful for my tastes. I eventually gave in and read it (mostly because I had nothing else to read and I was sooo bored). Now I am happy to say that I loved it and promptly went out and got the other 2 books to complete the series. So … give this one a try. You might like it. And I think it has the potential to lead to some good discussion.

Book two – The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This book is being released on May 6th. You can read about the book here:

I am going to be useless at work all day, I’m sure, then as soon as it’s 4:00 I’m running to the nearest bookstore to purchase this book. I read the excerpt for the book that it teases on her website and I was hooked. Normally I don’t do sci-fi … but it’s Stephenie! And to be honest – it looks really good. I would love to have a discussion about the book when I’m done – that’s why I am inviting all of you to read it with me.

We'll try to have the books done by the end of the month - around May 26th or so to allow time for discussion. As always, the "deadline" is a fluid concept, so if we need to adjust the date, we can.

Happy reading to all! And happy spring, too! I love this time of the year!


bookclubfriends said...

I am liking both of those choices and I am glad that you picked 2. I am finding a lot of time sitting lately (while I feed the baby) and I am almost done with the book that I am currently reading, so thanks for the new books to read. I am really looking forward to it and hoping that there will be more comments from the group (hint, hint to all the rest of you!!)
--Michelle Jamison

Suzy said...

I'm totally in for the first one. The second one we'll have to see. I'm in to books I can get at the library and new books don't normally fall into that category.

Melvin and Carly said...

Great picks, Sarah. I also am a big Shannon Hale fan. Did you know she's working on a fourth book in the Bayern series? I have no idea when it's coming out though. And I'm looking forward to The Host. Now if I can just con someone into buying it for me. A Mother's Day gift, perhaps?

Mable said...

Great picks as well Sarah. I picked up the Princess Academy the other day and have already finished reading it. So it's obviously an easy read. When people have finished reading it, let me know and we can have a great discussion!

Sarah said...

Yeah her books are awesome and I am really excited about having a fourth one in the Bayern series. I wonder who it will be about? And yeah, her books are really easy reading - but really good.