Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Jars

I finished the book Christmas Jars. Seriously, I think it only took me a few hours. Cory went outside to shovel us out of the mounds of snow, and I had finished a little more than half the book by the time he was done shoveling. Of course, he loves to shovel and spends more time that the average person ... but still ... it's definitely a quick read.

Anyways, I digress. What an awesome book to read right before Christmas! It was so uplifting! Of course, I cried through the last 1/3 of the book, but it was so good. And so inspiring.

I was thinking maybe Cory & I could adopt the tradition of doing our own Christmas jar. Then, practical me, I realized we never have cash - so I would never have any change. In a world of plastic, I never carry cash. So doing a 'Christmas Jar' isn't really feasible for us.

Then I got to thinking ... we could do something else, similar to a Christmas jar. I remember years ago, my dad had just been laid off his job (right before Christmas, too). Things were tough - we went to the Bishop's storehouse to get some food and Christmas presents weren't happening that year. Anyways, long story made short - some boxes filled with food and presents appeared on our doorstep one night. There was a couple of presents for all us kids (I got the most beautiful little necklace) and lots of food. It was the most wonderful thing! I was young at the time, but that feeling has stuck with me ever since that night. I remember standing there, looking at all the food and wearing my necklace, and I was so grateful.

And so, my point is, that while Cory & I aren't going to be able to do a 'Christmas jar' like was done in the book, it reminded me that we can bless others' lives in different ways. There's always a million different ways to 'give back' this holiday season - from Sub-for-Santas, to the Salvation Army kettle, to leaving a box of food on your neighbor's doorstep. While Cory & I are definitely living the 'poor college kids' lifestyle, we have much to be thankful for. This book reminded me of that, and I'm definitely recommending it to everyone I know.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Allison said...


The book club in our ward read that book a couple of years ago. One family started a Christmas jar that year and asked me for help with distributing the $ this year - she says it has been a really neat tradition for them. Christopher and I think we will start it this year too! Merry Christmas! Allison

Melvin and Carly said...

Every time I read this book I think I should start a "Christmas Jar." Then I realize the exact same thing as you. We never carry cash and therefore never have change. If we didn't pay for everything with a credit card that earns us airline miles, I'd never see my parents in Alaska! The jar is a great idea though. And you're right Sarah. There are so many other ways to help and give back.

Shafer and Lindsey said...

I was thinking the same thing about not ever using cash, so never having change. It's such a great idea though to save up to help others at Christmastime. I was thinking you could have a separate savings account where you put aside a certain amount every month to use as a Christmas Jar.