Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some recent readings...

I just stumbled upon a fun series that I thought I'd share. The series is called Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I've only read the first book (there are 5), but I really liked it. I used to love learning about mythology in school, so this was right up my alley! I know we all mentioned how we didn't like the mythology element in Ever, but this is good mythology!
In a way the series is similar to Harry Potter, in that it's a young boy who finds out he's not who he thought he was. There's a whole other world hidden in our world. I just really thought the writing was well done, funny, and clever.
Also, I read the new Shannon Hale book, The Actor and the Housewife. Did anyone else read it? I thought it was good, but different than what I was expecting. I definitily was not expecting to be sobbing through a good portion of the book! I think overall I liked it, but it probably isn't my favorite Shannon Hale book.
Otherwise I've been chugging along through The Zookeeper's Wife. I think I need to renew it again at the library come to think of it....
Oh, and I saw the new Harry Potter last night!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it! I know that's not a book, but, oh well!
So, that's all, I just had some book related thoughts I'd share! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

I also read The Actor and the Housewife and wanted someone to discuss it with... so I'm so glad you posted something!

*Caution: mild spoilers*

I liked it... mostly. It was definitely very emotional, I spent a good part of the book crying, and then a good few days hugging Cory whenever I could. I also thought it had some hilarious parts -- I think Shannon's humor is so witty and that came through in the book.

I liked it; thought it explored an intriguing topic -- can married people have close friends of the opposite gender? It was well written, too, but it's just too emotional for me to read it very often. Austenland, which I find beyond hilarious, I can read over and over.

And yeah, Harry Potter rocks my world! I can't wait to see how they do the last book as a movie (well, 2 movies). Sooo good!!