Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anyone Out There?

Hey all.

I know we have all been on a hiatus for a while. I'm just wondering if anyone is still interested in participating in this reading group. There are so many great books we can read and discuss! I realize that we all are busy; perhaps we could find a way to share the burden (if that's what it is) and each take a turn in selecting the books we read, so that the decision isn't always on Sarah. Just a thought.

Does anyone even ever check this blog anymore?


Sarah said...

Carly! Yep, I've missed this blog. I've been a slacker, no doubt about it. The whole have-a-baby, move across the country, start a business from scratch, take care of said baby ... really, I have no excuse :-) I'd love to start things back up again! If no one else, then just me and you! :-)

Lindsey T said...

I've got the blog on my reader and I was excited to see it highlighted today! I would love to start up again, I'm always looking for something good to read.

MiriamR said...

Yes I would be interested. I only read 7 books total last year so I need some ideas and motivation to read more this year. How should we do the picking a book rotation? And should we have some guidelines? Guidelines meaning morals and such? I am not sure if there already are some on another post somewhere. THanks!

Melvin and Carly said...

Hi gals. I'm not really sure how to work a rotation. I guess we can just rotate as we go along for now, see how many want to participate. And I'm all for having some general guidelines. It can be difficult to know content before reading a book but I think we could probably make educated guesses about content based on an author's previous work or the subject matter. There may also be info online somewhere about profanity or whatever in a book.

So, I guess I can choose the first book for us to read in February. Have any of you read (this is such a long title) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? I read it a while back and loved it; it would be a good one for the group. Also The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, would foster some good discussion. Let me know what you think. I could always choose something else. My "to-read list" is lengthy. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Carly. Yeah let's start with the ones you recommended-- "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" for the month of February. We can just rotate on who picks the book. And since everyone (as of now) who is on this blog is LDS, I don't think "guidelines" are going to be much of an issue. Everyone's pretty much got the same standards, so I don't think it's going to be a big deal.

And yeah, my "to-read" list is also lengthy :) hehe!

Alice said...

Ok so this is my third try to reply. Two messages are out in cyber space I guess.

Ha, previously I stated, I'd love to try this out and join in but I have no idea how this works so you'll have to bear with me. Well wasn't that an understatement. lol

I'll look for the book this coming week.

Hugs from NY, Alice
ps - Sarah, I sure miss you folks :<

Chad's Travels said...

Thanks for the invite, I'll pick the book up in a couple days. I've never done a book club before, so I'm not sure how things work. Do you have a pace you read at so spoilers aren't an issue? I'll try to keep my loose morals in check!

Sarah said...

Lol, Chad, you keep those loose morals in check ;) Nah, everyone reads at their own pace, and post when they're done with the book. So if you're not done yet, don't read the post. Or the comments. Just jump in when you're done.

And Alice, it's so good to see you posting!! You'll get the hang of it ... it's really not that hard. And yeah, we miss you guys too. Glad you're liking the book.