Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beloved Deadline

Hello Everyone!

I know we are all super busy with everything that we have going on and since Beloved tends to be a little bit more on the heavier side of reading, what are your thoughts on extending the deadline? Maybe just a couple of extra weeks? I love what Sarah did with the links. I know they will definitely help me to get through the book.

I typically enjoy reading just for escape reading. Which is why books like Twilight, Angels and Demons and Harry Potter are great books to read. But I joined this book club to help expand my reading choices. So books like Beloved are perfect for what I'm trying to accomplish. Sarah, I promise to read the book and have some good discussion about as we go along!


Sarah said...

Thanks Mable! :) Seeing as how I haven't even started the book yet ... despite my very good intentions ... I'm cool with extending the deadline a bit. A few more weeks would be fine by me ... give us all until mid-April or so to get the book done. 2 weeks from today puts us at April 9th ... so why don't we try and all have the book done by Monday April 14th? We can change the deadline again (if we need to) as it gets closer.
I started this book club for 3 reasons: 1- so I could get ideas for great books from everyone else; 2- so I could also expand my reading horizons; and 3- I love discussing books when I am done with them. I love to talk over the plotline, characters and things I feel I gleamed from the books. Which is why I want to read Beloved -- it's something I normally wouldn't read. So I'm glad we're all going to be reading it and discussing it! This is post is now way too long (you know me :) so I'll just say thanks everyone!!

bookclubfriends said...
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