Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greets from the Frozen North!

Hi everybody, figured it's about time I introduce myself.

I know Sarah through her husband Cory, whom I grew up with in Utah. Newly married in 1998, I joined the Air Force and received orders to Anchorage, Alaska where we instantly fell in love with the state. To remain here, I eventually transferred to the Alaska Air National Guard, and also took a job with the FAA as an electronic tech. Much of my time is spent traveling around Alaska maintaining navigational aids, radio and satellite communication sites, and weather stations. About once a year I take a temporary duty assignment or deployment with the Air Force, and have enjoyed the opportunity to travel throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa.

My lovely wife hails from Hong Kong, and we have two children. Kevin is 6, in 1st grade, and developing into quite the reader as we tackle Harry Potter together. Alexa will be 3 soon and still working on her ABC's. Our family loves living in Alaska and take advantage of the many recreational activities here. Reading everyone's introductions, it's interesting to see several others with ties to this beautiful state!

Although I've loved reading all my life, audio books have spurred my interest in the last couple years. A good deal of my day is spent driving, and I've found the time is well spent listening to books I wouldn't otherwise have time to read. I've tried to revisit some classics I missed like The Count of Monte Cristo, (which I now love)but my main focus lies with history, science, and adventure biographies. Look me up on Goodreads if you'd like to see what I've been reading.

I've never belonged to a book club before, but I really enjoy discussing what I've read. I look forward to getting to know everyone and perhaps expanding my horizons a bit. While I don't see myself getting sucked into Twilight anytime soon, I'm sure there are plenty other great books we will share a common interest in!


Sarah said...

Excellent intro. Carly (the one who suggested this book) grew up in Alaska. You guys can talk about how gorgeous it is up there.

And for next month's book, we'll be reading Twilight. HAHAHAHA! Gotta say, I LOVE Harry Potter.

Melvin and Carly said...

Yes, Chad, you can blame me for having to read this book. Thanks for giving it a shot. And both you and Sarah are right. Alaska is gorgeous. I haven't truly lived there since about the time you got there, but I still consider Alaska to be home.

And I love both Harry Potter and Twilight. And lots of other stuff. :)

Chad's Travels said...

Ha ha, no worries - I'm glad I read it even if I didn't enjoy it as much as you. It actually got me interested in the book I'm reading now called "Agent Zig Zag" which takes place in the Channel islands during Nazi occupation.

I've only been to Juneau once for a brief visit, but it was beautiful! I'd love to return sometime.

Thanks Sarah, and thanks again for the invite! Ummm you're kidding about Twilight, right?? Ha ha!

Lindsey T said...

Welcome Chad! I'm going to admit that I read this book over a year ago, and right now rereading things isn't on my agenda. So, the story isn't totally fresh in my mind. However, I did enjoy it. I loved reading about a part of WWII that I'd never known about before; the islands being occupied by the Germans. I also loved reading about the German soldiers. I recently read the Book Thief and it reminded me of that in a way, that even though to us the Germans were the villains of that war, to them they were just doing what they had to to survive during that period. I'm a sucker for love stories, so I probably am the target audience for this kind of book. For me it was a good read and I didn't mind the letter format, it made it a little more interesting. Good choice!

Chad's Travels said...

Thanks Lindsey! That book and discussion has made me interested to seek out something written from Germany's perspective. There seem to be several themes that piqued everyone's interest, like life in the occupied Channel Islands, that I'll explore more too.

Though Germany fought against us then, it was the Nazis who were the real enemy. I think that's important to emphasize as we consider the current governments we oppose.