Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How we doing?

How's everybody doing on June's books? There have been no posts about Screwtape Letters, so that means people haven't had time to post, or haven't had time to read the book. Which one is it? For me, I haven't had the time yet to read the book, but I did start it and I plan to finish it. So ... should we pick another book for July? 2 books? Extend the "deadline" for Screwtape Letters? Extend the deadline and pick 1 more book for July? If you have an opinion, leave it in the comments section. Thanks friends! I'm loving this book club and I'm so glad everybody is participating!

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Michelle Jamison said...

I am reading Screw Tape Letters, I haven't finished it yet, but I will. It is taking time for me to digest the whole's definitely not one of those quick easy reads. It takes time to contemplate it.
I vote we pick at least one new book for July if we can do another easy one, then lets do two.
What is the deadline for our June books? Just the end of the month?
P.S. I also LOVE that we do this book club!