Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thoughts on "Stargirl"

I really liked Stargirl. It was definitely a very easy read, which was something that I needed. It’s been extremely hectic at our house (even more than usual) and so it was nice not to read something really heavy.

I liked how the book was all about originality – and Stargirl being herself. I was sad when she transformed into Susan, since I also thought she was betraying herself. But then the ending made me sad, when Leo didn’t take her to the dance and she went all alone – then disappeared when it was over. Her entrance to the dance did make me laugh though – I had this awesome mental picture of what she must have looked like arriving in a sidecar to a bike, with a bright yellow gown on. I thought I read somewhere that they are making Stargirl into a movie … that could be very interesting.

One thing really grabbed me – I guess you could say it’s one of the themes for the book. We humans form groups. This is so true! In high school, everyone has their own “group” of friends. Same with college. Same with church. Same with every place we go. We can’t seem to help ourselves – we as humans congregate into groups so we feel more comfortable. Often times, I think we value “fitting in” more than we should. For me, my parents are great example of bucking this natural instinct. They will talk to anyone – anytime. It used to drive me crazy when I was younger, but now I really admire that characteristic. They are always making friends wherever they go. You can count on mom taking too long at the grocery store, since she finds someone she doesn’t know and talks forever :) Nevertheless, it’s such a good trait to develop – being inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and meeting new (and different) people. I try to do this – but I’m not nearly as good as my parents. Or Stargirl. She had guts in the book, that’s for sure. I guess I will keep working at it …

And I thought the part where she kisses Hillari on the cheek was so sweet. It’s a literal example of the commandment to “turn the other cheek.” I wish I had more compassion like this. What tremendous love one must have in order to kiss someone who has ridiculed you all year and has just slapped you!!

This was a great, quick, fun and insightful book that I enjoyed reading. I think when things calm down a bit at our house, I am going to go and get the sequel (Love, Stargirl) from the library.


Melvin and Carly said...

I really liked the book too. Like you, I loved the theme of originality. I was disappointed when Stargirl changed into Susan - not only because she was betraying herself, but because I was hoping that Leo wouldn't force the issue. It reminded me of Sandy changing her image for Danny in "Grease" - my dad always hated that part because he didn't want me to think that I had to change who I was for anybody.

And I think I'd better do my own post to mention a few of the other things!

Sarah said...

Yeah me too! I love the movie Grease right up to the very end - then I get all annoyed over the fact that Sandy changed herself! I'm better off just listening to the soundtrack :)