Friday, May 30, 2008

June's books

We're going to do 2 books for the month of June. Like last time, you can read one, both or none (but if you read none then you are a slacker ;)

The books are:
Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli
Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Even if you have read them before, you are welcome to read them again. Or if you don't want to read them again, you are welcome to add your thoughts to the posts once other people finish the books - that way you can be a part of the discussions that take place.

Star Girl is a very light-hearted read (not to mention a small book). The Screwtape Letters are Christian satire, and are not hard reading - but do provoke lots of interesting thoughts. I think we will enjoy both books. Happy reading!


bookclubfriends said...

I went to get these books and the Star Girl book had in the title love or something. It was by the right this the right book?

Sarah said...

No - the title is just "Stargirl". There's a sequel named "Love Stargirl" that was released last August. Same author.