Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Princess Academy review

I finished Princess Academy. I really liked it, as I knew I would. I like how Shannon Hale wrapped things up so nicely (she does this with all of her books). I guess I am a sucker, but I love a happy ending. I do. I love things to work out in a way so that everyone gets what they truly want and everyone lives happily ever after. I’m hopeless … I know.

I like Shannon’s whimsical style of writing. It definitely was not a hard book to read – it was rather enjoyable. It’s nice to get wrapped in a story like this. I loved Miri, as a character. I agree with what Lonnie said (in an earlier post). Everyone feels lonely sometimes – but we all naively think that we are the only ones feeling that way. As Miri finds something she is good at, and something that brings her joy, she grows and becomes more confident. I truly believe that each and every person has been given some sort of a “talent” – and some talents are not quite as obvious. But everyone is given something and it’s up to each person to discover what it is – and use it to share and bless others’ lives. By doing this, we grow and develop into a more radiant person – just like Miri did.

And I loved the idea of quarry-speak. I love that Miri figured out that it works through shared memories. What a neat idea! She used the quarry-speak to save the academy girls from the bandits. She used it to help the girls on their test given by Olana. I love how she even gave the answer to Katar – even though Katar was never nice to her. And in the end, she selflessly told Britta to choose Katar as the ambassador. What a good person!

If you guys liked this book, I definitely recommend Shannon’s other books. She’s got the Bayern Series – Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River Secrets (read them in that order). She also wrote one called Book of a Thousand Days. Then there’s Austenland – a must read for anyone who loves Pride & Prejudice and/or harbors a secret crush on Mr. Darcy. It’s quite good – and hilarious.

I love Shannon – can’t wait for her next book!

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welovefood said...

Sarah, I have to agree with you, I am hopeless too! I always want a good ending. And I too want to know what happened with the rest of the characters lives....I was glad it worked out,but what happened, did the villagers still get the higher trading rate, what happened with Steffan and his new princess, Britta, what about Katar as the new embassador? So many questions. I really liked this book and that it was an easy fun read, that was enjoyable too! So glad we chose this one.
--Michelle Jamison