Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Host, The Host

I finally finished The Host last night-What a ride!

I loved it, of course. Don’t shoot me Sarah, but I liked it better than the Twilight Series.
The characters are so real and so amazing. Wanda, Ian, Jeb, and Jamie, who was the only one that really was able to separate Wanda and Mel. He didn’t treat Wanda any different in her new body than when she was in Mel’s body.

This book was all about being human and it made me appreciate what I can experience as a human being on this beautiful planet we call Earth. The feel of the wind on my face, the sense of touch, seeing light and color, the bonds between ourselves and others…After wandering around 9 different planets, Wanda has finally found a place she waits to stay. And she was right when she thought perhaps because of the violence human have, the love they have is stronger than anywhere else: “Perhaps there could be no joy on this planet without an equal weight of pain to balance it out on some unknown scale” As we know, there must be opposition in all things. The only way we can experience real joy is to know pain and sorrow.

And love-being with the group in the cave, Wanda feels love towards those who should be her enemies. Wanda is the most caring, unselfish being…She was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice so that Mel and Jared could be back together. She gave up her secret in order to save other souls, as well as humans. Doc’s words made me cry: "You are the noblest, purest creature I’ve ever met. The universe will be a darker place without you." Oh, to live such a life that that is said of us when we die!

Jeb was one of my favorite characters. He’s so rational and insightful. He’s willing to befriend an alien and the things he does for Wanda moved me. He protected her, guided her in her new life in the cave, he didn’t treat her as an outsider. And he brought humor into a dark situation. That is truly a gift!

And Ian. Ian, Ian, Ian. What can I say…I love him. He had the most amazing ability to look past what Wanda was and see who she was! Again, I think that’s something we should all do in life. We can’t judge others just because they’re different from us… Ian can see things from Wanda’s perspective, where as Jared never could. And the love Wanda and Ian have for each other is amazing-She loves him with her whole soul. I think the kiss they shared said it all: "This was easy and right, no division, no confusion, no objection, just Ian and me, the molten rock moving through this new body, melding it into the pact." Or being in Ian’s arms: "Like I’d been in agony without realizing it and his touch had taken all the hurt away." He loves her, not her body. He loves the beautiful silver soul that he held in the palm of his hand.

Lonnie :-)

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Sarah said...

Yes hon, I agree with everything you said! And I won't shoot you for liking it more than Twilight ... I almost think I like it more, too :) (though I feel scandalous even admitting it!) I like it in different way though ... even though they are by the same author, they have a completely different FEEL to them.

And yes, I loved Ian, too. What a guy! I cried when he told her that he loved her soul ... who she was inside of the body. What a beautiful sentiment!

Such a good book!! Seriously!! I am going to read it again - this time without all the flutters in my stomach for the parts when I was sure they were going to be captured. I almost cheated and read the ending first, but I didn't. But now I can read it again and enjoy it throughly.

Anyone have any thought on Kyle? I liked how that was wrapped up, too.