Monday, June 30, 2008

July's books

I know the month of July is going to be crazy-busy for the Bingham household, and I am guessing it’s going to be similarly busy for most of you guys. Nevertheless, we are going to add 1 more book for the month of July. The “deadline” for Screwtape Letters was supposed to be the end of June … but no biggie. I’m not done with it either, since it does take some time to digest (and I can’t wait for the discussion, since there are so many things in there to think about!) Anyways … I digress. Since it’s going to be a busy month, we will extend the deadline for Screwtape Letters into July.

For the month of July, we will be reading:
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

The Sugar Queen
by Sarah Addison Allen (her website is here)

If we get through both of these books in the month of July, then we can add another one into the mix. But for now, we’ll do these two.

For those of you who think they want another series: for the months of July & August, I am going to be re-reading the Inheritance Series. It’s a series of books written by a kid named Christopher Paolini ( He was home-schooled and wrote the first book in the series at age 15. The first book is named Eragon, the second book is Eldest, and the third book is due out September 20th (named Brisinger). I read them all a while ago and I have forgotten pretty much most of what happens in the books – thus I am re-reading the first 2 so I will be ready for Brisinger. If anyone is looking for a bigger book to read this summer, I invite you to read Eragon with me. I’m not going to make any of them official book club books, since I think they’re too big, there’s going to be 3 books soon, and summer is just too busy for so many people. However, if I am wrong and you are interested in reading them, then I would love to have discussion about these books. I liked them the first time around, and I would love to discuss them with anyone who has read them, or is interested in reading them.

Happy reading and happy July!

p.s. if anyone knows of any other people who would be interested in joining our book club, let me know and I can send them an invite. The more the merrier!

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Michelle Jamison said...

I have to agree with you, our month is really busy so I like your idea of extending the date for the screwtape Letters.I have yet to finish it but slowly I am trying to. Happy Reading!