Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Chat" with Stephenie

Don't read this if you haven't finished Breaking Dawn, 'cause it definitely gives some stuff away. It's a fun read - Stephenie answering questions, so the readers can "get inside" her head.
Interview with Stephenie on Twilight Lexixcon

Oh and some reviews for the book, in case anyone else wants to read them:

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Lincs and Ali said...

ok. Here are my thoughts. I really actually did like breaking dawn. I liked that she tied everything up so sweetly and did not leave out anything. However, unlike her other books in the series, I actually could put it down and do other things. With the first three my husband would have to BEG me to stop reading. I missed the love triangle, but was happy to see it end well at the same time. And the fighting scene was not as intense and I would have liked. But overall I thought it was a really good ending, and I am kind of sad that it is all over.