Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a little more

There isn't too much left to discuss about Breaking Dawn. Sarah pretty much covered everything. :) I'm glad she was able to put her thoughts into words so well; she and I are pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to things Twilight related. Saved me a lot of work. Here are just a few other thoughts rattling around in my head.

*I liked how so many of the characters matured in this book. Jacob and Bella were forced to change the most, but I really felt they came into their own. Bella became a wife, mother, and vampire – things that she really was meant to be. Jacob became the Alpha, what he was born to be, and imprinted. The centers of their worlds changed to be something more important.

*I loved that the wolves, Seth and Jacob in particular, and the Cullens began to look beyond what their “enemies” were and learned to see who they were. They let go of the hatred that had been taught them – not a hatred born from experience or certain events but one simply from tradition. Jacob began to see that Carlisle, and the rest of the Cullens as well, is truly good. Yes, there are bad vampires and the wolves need to protect the people, but being a vampire does not make them bad. It is their choices that determine whether they are good or bad. I was happy when Jacob could see that Carlisle and Esme were good, courteous, loyal, loving…And when he and Edward were able to put aside their previous dislike in order to protect their common loves, Bella and Renesmee, I inwardly cheered. (Thank goodness Renesmee took care of that messy love triangle!) Similarly, I was happy when Edward accepted Jacob as part of his family. When Edward called him “my son,” I burst into tears. (Not the first time the book made me cry, mind you. I’m an emotional reader.)

*I have to admit that at first I was among those who felt the end was slightly anti-climactic. Like Sarah, I was geared up for a physical fight but it never came. After I was able to think about, though, I realized that I really couldn’t have handled a physical fight. It would have meant so much loss. So even though I would have loved for Edward or Emmett to get a swipe at Demetri (don’t you think he deserved to get taken down a notch? Jane and Alec too?), I was happy that there the “hearing” did not escalate to physical violence. Luckily Bella was able to protect everyone when Jane and Alec were trying to play dirty by starting to fight early.

*Randomly, I loved that Charlie and Sue began seeing each other. Charlie deserves some happiness and companionship after loving Renee all these years, and Sue now has someone to lean on after Harry and help her with her kids. That leaves Billy out though; hopefully he and Charlie can patch up their relationship soon.

*Oh, Sarah and I discussed this, but for the rest of you who might have been confused like me - I wondered how Bella was able to drink the human blood for her baby. I mean, I know that mothers will do just about anything for their children, but I had trouble wrapping my head around Bella drinking blood, especially since before just the smell alone would make her so physically ill. Sarah reminded me that many women have changes in appetites and what they like or dislike to eat during pregnancy. We pretty much decided that this was why Bella went from getting sick at the smell of blood to liking the taste of it. (I've had three kids but the change in appetite thing didn't occur to me at all. I guess because I never had cravings for food or anything like that. I was just hungry and ate a lot. Of anything.)

All in all, I absolutely loved the book. Now I need to find a new obsession.

- Carly


Sarah said...

GTRAT thoughts, Carly! AMEN to what you said!

I love what Carly touched on - what I believe to be one of the messages of the book (well, the whole series, really). Similar to Harry Potter, the point is made that it's your choices that define you. The Cullens make the best choices possible, given their set of less than desirable circumstances (i.e. being vampires). The wolves choose to let go of the hatred (and the Cullens do likewise). It's all about making the best out of the circumstances we've been dealt. I love how that theme reverberates throughout the series.

Yeah, and I totally cried, too, when Edward called Jacob his son. I know lots of people thought it corny ... but really, I was so touched. I must be an emotional reader, too :)

Sigh. I also need a new obsession.

Sarah said...

Oops, that first word should have been GREAT.